Panasonic EVA1 (5.7K Raw)

Sony FS700 w/ Odyssey 7Q (4K Raw or ProRes)

Sony a7s ii (4K or HD internal) 

Canon 5d ii (HD)


16-35, f2.8

24-105, f4 (IS)

50, f1.2

70-200, f2.8 (IS)

100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L (IS)

Camera Support

Ronin M (camera stabilizer used when we want smooth shots when walking with the camera)

Motorized slider (6ft or 2ft) (mainly used as b-cam for interviews or time-lapse)

8ft jib (for achieving smooth craning shots)

2 x HD Manfrotto tripod


Boom pole and holder

Sennheiser AVX wireless mic


Dracast LED Fresnel 2000 & 1000 watts

K4000 Daylight LED Studio Panel (Requires AC power - what I use for basic 3 point lighting in interviews. Since they are LED they are low heat)


Elinchrom 600RX (x2) 

Einstein E640 Flash Unit (This strobe is powerful enough to combat the sun [650watts]. External battery power available to bring on location. This is my key light on studio shoots for still photography)

Speedlight 430EX (Standard for event photography, also works as my fill light in studio shoots when set off camera)